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Feature Auction: Something a little less Cote-d'Ordinary

Oakridge, Yarra Valley

As prices for Meursault, Puligny, Chassagne et al creep inexorably upwards many of us are forced to look elsewhere for that Burgundy thrill. Luckily for us all we’re delighted to have got our hands on a tiny parcel of a serious alternative which we're offering at 30% less than the next best UK price! As an Burgophile MW recently wrote of this wine ‘I’d love to get the Roulot crowd to try this.’.

Jancis Robinson has also cited the winery in question in an article entitled ‘The New Pulignys of Australia) (available here) and does also say that ‘If you are familiar with the finest Meursaults, Montrachets and Chablis, you may think I have taken leave of my senses. But as a wild generalisation, at the moment I am finding more life, interest and certainly value in the best of the new generation of Australian Chardonnays than I am in the great bulk of white burgundies (which tend to cost at least as much). Nor am I alone. Mark Davidson, Wine Australia's global education manager, has had great fun listening to top American sommeliers confusing these wines with some of Burgundy's finest.’

The winery in question won ‘2011 Winery of the Year in Australia in ‘The Age & Sydney Morning Herald’ and in 2014 Australian expert Philip Rich Australian Financial Review said of the grower that ‘David Bicknell is arguably Australia’s greatest Chardonnay producer..’

We’ve filled our boots here at Bid for Wine so sadly there are very limited quantities of these wines. They will both be perfect for serious Christmas drinking so don’t delay if you want some..! We can of course arrange delivery with anything you might buy in the December BfW online sale or the Dreweatts/BfW Live sale on 2nd December.

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