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7 3 £32.00 688 days ago
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closed 04/03/2016, 10:19 PM

Lot size: 1 bottle of 750 ml each Wine type: Sparkling, NV/Assorted vintage
Tax status: Duty PaidQuestion Mark Origin: France
Fill level: Into Neck (IN)Question Mark Grape variety:

From the private collection of the owner of a small caviste near Rue Mouffetard approximately 8 years ago.
I worked out with the aid of PJ magazine publicity material that this bottle was released between mid 1980s and mid 1990s. PJ continued to release Blason De France after mid 1990s. The labelling and bottle shape, however, changed circa 1995.
stored in a cellar in montrouge between (approx) 2007 and january 2016.
contents still look very lively.

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Payment methods: cheque and bank transfer
Returns policy: no returns
Shipping Method: Standard delivery
Shipping paid by: buyer
Cost of delivery: £9
Delivers to UK and Singapore
Other countries delivered to: World
Insurance options: If the buyer requests it

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