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Bid for Wine is an online market place for buying wine and selling wine. Through the site you can buy and sell wine at auction or via 'broking list' style listings. The site is free for buyers to use whilst sellers are charged a commission on their sales.

Our low charges, easy to use system and excellent customer service make Bid for Wine an excellent way to sell single bottles or a whole wine cellar. In short we are a serious alternative to traditional auctioneers and wine brokers.

To start selling immediately, see 'sell wine' or for assistance with selling a large collection, please read our page on selling large collections with Bid for Wine.

Our Services

Our services fall in to three main categories - Auctions, 'Broking' style listings and Large Collection Consignments.


Bid for Wine offers two ways of selling your wine by auction - Direct Auctions and Consignment Auctions.

'Direct Auctions'

Direct auctions are ideal for those with smaller quantities of wine to sell or those who do not necessarily wish to auction off all their wine in one go. They involve you listing your own wine, collecting payment and then dispatching the wine to the buyer.

Direct auctions should only be used by people who are satisfied that they comply with the legal requirements relating to the sale of alcohol. For further details on this please see our legal policies page.

'Consignment Auctions'

Consignment auctions involve Bid for Wine selling your wine for you.

Wines for sale are consigned to our account at EHD London prior to sale. Once the wine has been sold we pay you to proceeds of sale less our commission and any charges. These auctions are an ideal way to sell your wine quickly and with the minimum of hassle.

If you are ready to sell your wine and are consigning quantities under 5 lots, we ask that you consign them to us via the consignment auction wizard. If you require assistance with consigning larger quantities of wine please see below.

'Broking' Style Listings

Bid for Wine's 'buy now' and 'buy now or highest offer' listings offer you an alternative to selling your wine via a broker.

Your wines are offered on the site via our 'Broking List' and have a price for immediate purchase. Buyers can accept this price or can negotiate a price with you by placing an offer on the wine (e.g. if you've asked for £1500 and a potential buyer has seen the wine elsewhere at £1450 they might offer you £1425). You are then free to accept or reject the offer or place a counter offer.

These listings are particularly suitable for wines stored in bond and which have a clear market price. With Bid for Wine's fixed price (and auction) listings you get exposure on Wine-Searcher and access to a global audience of potential buyers for your wines.

Large Collection Consignments

Bid for Wine offers a fully managed service for people wishing to sell large collections via the site. This involves us cataloguing, valuing and photographing your wines and then managing the entire sales process.

Please see 'Selling Large Collections via Bid for Wine' for further details.

More assistance with selling on Bid for Wine can be found under 'Help Selling'.

Extra Services

Bid for Wine offers a range of additional services. An overview follows below and specific details can be found on our Selling Large Collections via Bid for Wine page.

Cellar Clearances

If you are acting as trustee, liquidator or executor and wine is involved then we are able to arrange for wine to be cleared, catalogued and stored prior to sale. Depending on the quantities involved this work is may be undertaken in house or by our logistics partners.

Normally we will arrange to visit the cellar to enable us to quote for undertaking the work and clearance can be arranged within 1-2 weeks. Sales will normally commence on receipt of the wine in our warehouse and typically the sales process will be concluded and proceeds paid within 21-28 days from the commencement of sale. This is in contrast to many auctioneers who require wines to be consigned 28 days in advance of any sale and will make payment up to 30 days from the date of sale.


We constantly monitor both our own selling prices as well as those of other auctioneers and brokers. This allows us to give you realistic, up to date valuations for sale at auction for wines you may be considering selling. For single bottles and lots under 5 cases we would recommend the use of wine-searcher in the first instance.


At Bid for Wine we recommend that sellers include images of the wine for sale wherever possible. Pictures help buyers to independently assess the condition of a bottle and can make the difference between a bottle selling or not. If you are selling a large number of bottles we can arrange for your lots to be photographed prior to consignment.

Sale of Lots ‘In Bond’

Unlike many auctioneers handling wine we are able to sell wines In Bond. This means you need not incur the expense of paying VAT and duty prior to a sale at auction plus buyers have the reassurance that your wine is being stored in the best possible conditions and so will bid accordingly.

Global Distribution

Where wines have been consigned to us for sale we are able to arrange delivery to buyers anywhere in the world. This means helps you maximise the chance of selling your wine at the best possible price whilst not costing you, the seller, any extra.

Why should I buy through Bid for Wine?

  • Bid for Wine is a great way to source uncommon wines, for example, older vintages of modest Bordeaux, mature Village Burgundy and older German Rieslings.
  • Restaurateurs and Hoteliers will have easy access to mature stock for their wine lists meaning the need to maintaining a cellar and its associated costs is removed.
  • Intelligent handling of VAT, duty and bonded storage - the system allows VAT registered customers to sell with ease and lets buyers know what VAT and duty is payable on a lot as they bid for it - so no more hidden costs making 'bargains' expensive.

Why should I sell through Bid for Wine?

  • Any wine can be sold on the site (so long as it is in good condition). This means there is now a way to sell odd bottles or less fashionable wines that might not be of interest to brokers or auction houses.
  • Bid for Wine charges as little as 5.5% commission whilst most brokers will charge you 10-15%.
  • Bid for Wine has a potential worldwide audience meaning more bids and a better price for wine sold on the site rather than alternative routes.
  • Bid for Wine is simply a market place whilst most brokers have their own stocks of wine to sell in direct competition with wines they are broking. With Bid for Wine if you need a quick sale, you can price the wine to sell rather than waiting weeks or months.
  • Easy to use. Simply fill in an auction creation page and, once the wine sells, get paid and send it to the buyer. If you prefer, Bid for Wine can arrange the storage of your wine in secure, bonded premises during the auction and delivery afterwards.
  • Bid for Wine has been especially designed to allow easy trading of wine stored in-bond meaning you can sell your investment grade wines and keep more of the returns for yourself.

Can businesses or wine producers use Bid for Wine?

Yes, Bid for Wine offers special rates and services for businesses and producers who want to use the site for regular trading.

In particular we can assist with:

  • Arranging tastings and delivery of wine sold via the site for producers who wish to sell into the UK.
  • Disposal of bin ends, surplus stock and spare allocations of wine.
  • Giving your business and wines exposure to a large and diverse audience.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss how we can help your business.

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