Welcome to the Bid for Wine help system.

Bid for Wine is an online market place for buying wine and selling wine. Through the site you can buy and sell wine at auction or via 'broking list' style listings.

If you need general help whilst using the site, please follow the Question Mark link. An overview of each help section and links to more detailed information can be found below.

Help Using This Site

Contains information on how to buy and sell plus an 'auction phraseology' section which explains key terms used throughout Bid for Wine.

Selling Collections via Bid for Wine

Please refer to this section for detailed information on the services we offer to clients wanting to sell large collections of wine with Bid for Wine.

Legal Policies

As the sale of alcohol is a licensable activity, please refer to the Legal Policies section for guidance on the legalities of selling via Bid for Wine.


Please refer to the Contact section for details on contacting Bid for Wine.

About Bid for Wine

Gives an overview of what Bid for Wine is, why you should use Bid for Wine and answers frequently asked questions.

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