Why does Bid for Wine need my VAT registration number?

The Bid for Wine website has been built to make prices as transparent as possible for all users.

In order to make prices as transparent as possible for all users, Bid for Wine handles VAT intelligently and adds it on to the prices of VAT registered sellers when non-VAT registered sellers view their lots. In addition, the site allows the issue of VAT invoices directly from the website making disposal of business assets very simple. Traders who indicate that they predominantly account for VAT using a Margin Scheme or the Global Accounting Scheme will NOT automatically have VAT added on to their transactions.

We regret that it is not possible to alter your VAT registration status after signup as this would affect the VAT calculations applied to sales and purchases you have already made.

Where a user will be trading both as a private (non-VAT registered) individual and as part of a VAT registered entity, they should register accounts for both themselves and the business. Please note that the use of multiple accounts is not permitted in any other situation and will result in suspension from the site.

Please contact us if you change your VAT registration status and need assistance.