How This Site Works

Bid for Wine is an online market place for business and individuals wanting to buy wine and sell wine. Any quantity of wine, from single bottles up to multiple cases, can be offered for sale.

Sellers can sell via auctions, broking style ('buy now or highest offer') listings or large collections consignments whilst users can buy wine by placing bids on auctions, paying the 'buy now' price or making the seller an offer.

For detailed, specific information on buying, selling and for an explanation of terms used on this site, please use the links above.

An overview of Selling on Bid for Wine

Auctions / 'Broking' Style Listings / Large Collection Consignments.

1. Auctions

Direct Auctions

A direct auction means that you create your auction, you set the length of the auction, and the auction starts as soon as you confirm the auction. Once the auction has finished, an invoice will be generated for you to send to your buyer(s) and payment and delivery must be organised between you and your buyer(s).

You can create a direct auction as either:

A Single lot auction
A single lot auction is an auction containing only one lot of the item for sale, whether this is one bottle, a case or a mixed case


A Multi lot auction
An auction with multiple lots of the same bottle, or multiple lots of the same case of wine, each of which can be sold to a separate buyer. One buyer can bid for as many of the lots as they wish.

Direct auctions can also be:

Normal bidding auctions
An auction where potential buyers bid and compete with each other until the auction ends, and whoever offers the highest price wins.


Both buy now and bidding auctions
This ONLY applies to single lot auctions. You can set the auction as a normal bidding auction, but also set a buy now price. This means that people can bid on the auction, but if someone chooses to pay the buy now price, they will override any bids, get the lot and the auction will end. A multi -lot listing must have EITHER a buy now/ buy-now or highest offer price or be an auction. It cannot be both.
The up-front fees on a direct auction are:
Listing fee (per auction & only charged if your lot sells*)£ 1.75
Set a starting price£ 0.50
Set a reserve price£ 0.25
Commission is charged at the following rates and is calculated on a per lot basis:
Band Value Commission Rate
£1.00-£200.00 8.5% + VAT
£200.01-£1500.00 7.5% + VAT
£1500.01-£2500.00 6.6% + VAT
Over £2500 5.5% + VAT

E.g. for a lot selling at £500:

Band Commission Rate Commission Charged
First £200 8.5% + VAT £17.00 + VAT
Remaining £300 7.5% + VAT £22.50 + VAT
  Total £39.50+VAT

Consignment Auctions

Consignment Auctions involve Bid for Wine selling your wine for you. They should be used by users who are not satisfied that they are legally able to sell their wine via Direct Auctions and are also suitable for users who do not wish to manage their auctions themselves.

Wines for sale on consignment must be lying with us prior to sale so that we can produce condition reports and take photographs where appropriate. Once the lot sells we will transfer the proceeds to you less our charges and arrange delivery to the buyer.

Please note that should a lot not sell, you will still be required to pay any fees incurred (including our minimum commission charge) and will be responsible for paying for delivery of the wine back to you unless you choose to re-list the lot.

Fees for consignment auctions are as follows:
Listing fee (per lot)£ 3.00
Commission14% + VAT per lot (minimum charge of £12+VAT)

Feature Auctions

A Feature Auction is a special type of auction created by the Bid for Wine administrators from time to time. Feature Auctions have specific themes and only wines meeting the theme can be submitted.

At the close of submissions to a feature auction a complete list of lots will be emailed to users who have registered their interest in the types of wines included in the feature auction. This ensures your lots receive maximum publicity and have the best possible chance of selling.

Unlike direct auctions, the start and finish date of a Feature Auction is set by the site administrators.

Bid for Wine will monitor all auctions submitted to the feature auctions - there are no limits to the number of lots that can be included in a feature auction, and your lots are guaranteed to be included as long as they genuinely match the defined criteria. For more information on upcoming feature auctions, please contact us.

The costs of selling in a feature auction are the same as for direct auctions (unless the wine is consigned to us in which case the Consignment Auction fee schedule applies).

2. Broking Style 'Buy Now' / 'Buy Now or Highest Offer' Listings

Bid for Wine's 'buy now' and 'buy now or highest offer' listings offer you an alternative to selling your wine via a broker.

Wines are offered on the site via our 'Broking List' and have a price for immediate purchase. Buyers can accept this price or can negotiate a price with you.

Further details on this type of listing are available under Help Selling and Help Buying.

3. Large Collection Consignments

Bid for Wine offers a comprehensive service for people wanting to sell larger collections of wine with us. Please refer to our 'selling large collections' page for further details

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