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How to use the new Bid for Wine website - Some Video Guides

We've put together some videos to help you complete tasks on the new Bid for Wine web site.


Registering for an Account

This video is for new users and shows how you register for a Bid for Wine account. During the signup process you will be asked for a mobile phone number and credit or debit card to verify your identity. This simplified registration process does away with the historic need for providing photo ID and proof of address.


The card will not be charged at any point during the registration process and whilst redacted details will show in your account your card details are held by Stripe and never stored by us.


Users completing registration will be immediately eligible to buy and sell with Bid for Wine.

How to Register a New Account Video

Bidding at Bid for Wine Video

How to Place Bids on Marketplace listings

Our next video shows how to bid on Marketplace and Featured Auctions listings.


You will need to have an active account with Bid for Wine and you must sign in and accept our Terms and Conditions of Use to participate.


Further information on buying wine at Bid For Wine can be accessed on our Information for Buyers page.



Listing Items on the Bid for Wine Marketplace

If you have a registered account at Bid for Wine you can list items to sell on our Marketplace in minutes.


This video shows how you to go through the process of listing wines on the Bid for Wine Marketplace


If you choose to add a reserve or starting price the £2.50 (plus VAT) minimum selling fee will be charged to the stored card on the publication of listing.


You are charged any further selling commission only when the item sells.



How to list wine for sale video