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Free Wine Valuation Services - Prompt and realistic indications of sale values

Bid for Wine provides no obligation wine valuations at current realisable prices and we will always endeavour to respond to enquiries within 2 working days.

Our valuation service extends to duty paid wines, wines held in bond or at the Wine Society, cellar clearances or trade disposals.

To get started just use our simple valuations and consignment tool below. Click on + Add another and start typing a keyword from your wine's description in the first field disregarding generic words such as Chateau or Burgundy etc  

Consignment Enquiries & Valuation Request Form

Please use this form to submit details of wines you are considering selling and for which you require a valuation. Lists can also be submitted using the upload button below, however please note that at least one row of the wine valuation tool must be completed as part of your submission.

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Alternatively please use our master file to list your wines and upload below in CSV or XLS format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling large consignments
In addition to Marketplace listings and curated Featured Auctions, Bid for Wine also offers a full service solution for those who have larger collections of wine for sale but do not wish to, or are not able to, catalogue and list the wines they have for sale themselves. Wines consigned for sale will be offered either in a Live or Featured Auction. In the event of a collection containing a sufficient critical mass the Featured or Live auction can be described in a bespoke name - for e.g. The John Smith Cellar of Fine Clarets. 

The process is as follows:

1. Send Bid for Wine a list or overview of the wines for sale

Either complete the form at the top of this page or send us a list by email of the types and quantities of wines you are considering selling. If specific details of the wines for sale are unavailable we can arrange for the collection to be inspected and the contents catalogued.

2. Bid for Wine gives estimated prices for your wine and co-ordinates cataloguing & photography

Where complete details of the wines for sale are available we will provide estimated auction values for your wines, whether for self-listing on the Marketplace or inclusion within our curated Featured or Live Auctions. If requested, a fee quote for the photography, cataloguing and shipping of the collection to our warehouse prior to sale can also be given at this stage. Once valuations and quotations have been provided, you can decide to proceed with the sale and if choosing one of our curated auctions, you will be asked to sign a copy of our Consignment Agreement.

3. Wines shipped to warehouse prior to sale or authority given to manage sales of lots already in storage

After the cataloguing and photography (where agreed) of the wines, they will be shipped to our storage account prior to sale. In the event that you instruct your wines to be delivered to our warehouse and subsequently don't proceed with a sale you may become liable for storage and transportation charges.

4. Wines offered for Sale

Bid for Wine offers your wines for sale both on our Web Site as well as in our saleroom for Live Auction offerings.

5. Proceeds of Sale paid to seller and wines delivered to buyer

Once the wines have been sold, Bid for Wine takes payment from the buyer and, on receipt of cleared funds, arranges delivery of their wines. Payment of proceeds is typically made to the seller within 15 days of curated auctions closing.

If any wines are unsold, Bid for Wine will arrange for them to be relisted. If they have been offered at auction, in some cases it may be necessary to adjust reserves and this will be discussed with you.
I have an entire cellar to sell - can Bid for Wine assist me?
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